The ultimate in massage 건마 coolness
Hello. It is cold winter these days, so every weekend at home.Maybe it's because I've been lying down, but my shoulders are pounding a lot.I felt like I was getting together, so I thought I was good at the Magok massage near my house.I got to know Su Healing Minga after asking around.Before the visit, […]

Hello. It is cold winter these days, so every weekend at home.

Maybe it's because I've been lying down, but my shoulders are pounding a lot.

I felt like I was getting together, so I thought I was good at the Magok massage near my house.

I got to know Su Healing Minga after asking around.

Before the visit, I went over the Internet to read the reviews carefully.

Because there is Korean Batteran Masaja, communication problems are also difficult.

No. Once you get a massage, it's cool.

I visited after making a reservation because I heard that I feel very refreshed and feel lighter.

In terms of ability, the Magok Massage is certified as "Su Healing Myeongga."

We're here. Exit 6 from Sinbanghwa Station, right in front of the building.

I came here at once because I'm in the right place.

Business hours are open year round from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Because they're open until late, they're getting off work late like me.

It's good to have a leisurely visit office workers.

Parking is available on 1.2.3 stories below ground level, and parking fees are as high as possible.

They offer it for free up to 4 hours. No matter how far it is, you don't have to worry about parking.

It's a place where you don't want to waste money because you're so talented!

As veteran managers of Korean managers are always present,

We can talk comfortably about where we want to get more massage.

Once a guest comes, he becomes a regular customer and goes back to his word of mouth has already spread.

He's been sleeping.

I have a license for orthodontic spinal cord therapy.

With a physical therapist who's been in the hospital for 18 years.

I'm resident, so I can manage my spinal cord technique.

It hit me that the cost-effectiveness is good for the price.

Massage is 건마 done by the massage manager, and spinal technique is done by the physical therapist.

It is said that the head of the department directly manages the spine.

I mean, we've got professional teachers all divided up, so we've built up trust.

Massage is definitely here! That's what I think.

Massage is not comparable to Chinese or Thai massage.

High-quality, skilled managers take care of it for 10 minutes.

The coolness is amazing even if you get a massage!

Change into slippers, measure body temperature, and guide changing room.

I got a change. As expected, I'm visiting after booking, so I don't have time to wait.

It's a systematic system to get a quick massage.

I'm satisfied because it's made up.

As famous as you are, you have to stand in line if you don't make reservations

If you're going to visit because it's so popular, please call in advance.

I recommend you make a reservation.

On the first visit to Magok Massage, after the massage therapist's massage,

After 10 minutes of hot pack steaming, the director takes care of the spinal cord orthodontics.

It explains everything that goes through a careful process.

I got the feeling that you were very attentive.

Then, show me the cause of the pain and how to solve the posture analysis.

You can relieve pain and discomfort in your seat at once!

In Magok Massage, it's not just a muscle massage.

through systematic steps of experts, professional according to the cause of pain

I'm already looking forward to it because I'm doing one-on-one customized care.

Usually, when expectations are high, disappointment is great.

It brought great satisfaction throughout the massage and treatment.

Scoliosis techniques include body shape analysis, neck back, and hip imbalance.

Analyze facial reduction, bent legs, and scoliosis, and tired feet for a healthy massage.

You can solve lumpy muscles, neck, shoulders, waist, and headaches at once.

The aromatherapy massage includes mental and physical stability, stress relief, toxins, and slimming effects.

It helps a lot with blood circulation, chronic fatigue, and so on, so I'm going to be in the rest of course.

If you're tired or if you're tired or sick, you're sure to visit.

I think it'll be good.

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