The highly praised 건마 Suwon Massage
I have been busy preparing to change jobs.I don't have anything on my body, near my house.I've been to the famous Suwon massage parlor called 'tooth raffy'!​Comfortable and neat interior and low priceMore than anything else, the muscles that used to be lumped together.They let me go soft and cool.It's a very satisfying place.​My visit […]

I have been busy preparing to change jobs.

I don't have anything on my body, near my house.

I've been to the famous Suwon massage parlor called 'tooth raffy'!

Comfortable and neat interior and low price

More than anything else, the muscles that used to be lumped together.

They let me go soft and cool.

It's a very satisfying place.

My visit to Ch 착nh-Lafi is at Suwon City Hall.

Get out of exit eight and face CGV.

It's only a three-minute walk.

I was able to find it without wandering around.

It's on the move. It's accessible.

I could visit comfortably using public transportation.

For your information, the Suwon Massage Shop I visited

It runs from 2 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day!

Thanks to you, even if you're late for work, stop by.

I was able to relieve my 건마 fatigue.

Inside the store, it's spacious and pleasant.

The interior opened out before my eyes.

reminiscent of a nice cafe

I naturally nod my head at the interior.

Just looking at the cute cushion cushions,

I could tell how much care you put into the space!

Sitting on a wide, soft couch, having a cup of tea.

It was a perfect place to rest.

Before we get full-fledged care,

I checked my fever and went inside!

In addition, the Suwon Massage Shop has thorough cleanliness and hygiene management.

It's happening. I could focus on massage without worrying!

We're arriving on time.

The staff helped me with the guide.

First of all, what kind of management courses do you have?

You explained it step by step!

Dry massage to aromasage, etc.

There were so many different kinds.

To relax all muscles.

I decided to get a sports massage.

It looks like a luxurious model house.

As I walked down the hall, I came to the shower room.

If oil massage is carried out, after care is completed,

There's also a clean place to take a shower.

I've got everything I need.

It's neat and clean, with no sign of anyone else's use.

I passed even though I was picky!

In addition, there is a powder room where I can maintain my appearance.

It was complete, so it was convenient.

Consider every little detail for your convenience.

It was a Suwon massage shop where you can feel the sense you have.

First of all, I'm going to take a shot at standing up all day.

I decided to take a foot bath to relieve my anxiety.

lavender, jasmine, rosemary, chamomile, etc. in my heart

I was able to choose the right product and use it!!

For your information, there's an option for Dead Sea Salt Farm.

Please check in advance.

I used to have severe cold hands and feet,

It melts your feet in warm water, and it's a circulation.

I felt really good because I felt warm.

After foot bath, the Suwon Massage is 200 percent

A comfortable bed to enjoy

I moved to the installed room.

on a fresh towel

There's a flower on it's in the right place.

I felt like I was being treated.

Right under the supervision of the manager.

Management has begun.

First of all, gently strung and clumped shoulders.

You applied proper hand pressure to relax.

You've adjusted the intensity so that it's not too strong.

It's perfect for me who has thin bones and weak bodies.

With round shoulders bent round

She put weight on my back and let me go.

Of course there was some pain at first,

As time goes by, blood circulates.

I could feel my body getting warmer

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