Analyze and plan 구글마케팅 the promotion thoroughly
in accordance with this methodIt's an effective place to help.It's right here.We've been operating for a long time.The database you created.We can do it effectively based on the foundation.Helps to stay.Once more than online,Offline ads are more popularI did, but the smart phone one develops, manyI don't think you're going to be able to […]

in accordance with this method

It's an effective place to help.

It's right here.

We've been operating for a long time.

The database you created.

We can do it effectively based on the foundation.

Helps to stay.

Once more than online,

Offline ads are more popular

I did, but the smart phone was...

as one develops, many

I don't think you're going to be able to see the billboards on the streets

Focus more on your phone.

As it turned out, a lot of people...

You can see how it works on your phone.

He's starting to try.

I don't know if I'm using SNS.

You're going to have to do exactly what you need.

I'm searching, so I'm looking at the same time.

Can be targeted clearly at the age group

There is, for example, the ocean.

You can see the ocean view cafe.

The consumer groups in their 20s 구글마케팅 that they want to find.

If there is, they're actually...

The taste of the sea is better than the taste of coffee.

A neat-looking cafe.

I'm sure he's looking for it.

At Cotus Ad, a real estate agency,

Various comprehensive advertisements, such as traffic advertisements/media advertisements/outdoor advertisements, etc.

After selecting the most suitable medium for each product sold among the media,

Optimal advertising solution considering duration + price + efficiency

I'm presenting it to you.

(※ Never! Without advertising products offered to all companies,

I am making a proposal for the promotion after thoroughly analyzing it.)

At this time, the cafe's owner,

Of all the business owners, there's an ocean view.

on the merits of a cafe

If we go through power bloggers,

This 20-something consumer community has been writing about it.

You'll come across them.

Well, in fact, naturally,

It's natural to come in.

It's a step.

I'd like to invite you to join Cotus Ade.

If you're going to proceed, you're going to have a big advantage in managing

You'll get it.

That's the company, that's the company... under separate management

It takes a lot of time, and the consistent flow of advertising.

There are a lot of broken cases.

At Cotus Ad, a real estate agency,

You can connect various media to create synergy.

Get a single report from the actual management side.

It is easy to manage efficiency by media.

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