I thought there was a place where I could get this kind of massage. If I had known, I would have come.
These days, the body and mind have been exhausted.As far as I know, there are a lot of people.Everyone's not going out well.Eating and household goods on your cell phoneMore orders, more couriers.It is said that the work of the related companies is increasing.I'm a courier here.These days, the number of orders has increased.It's much […]

These days, the body and mind have been exhausted.

As far as I know, there are a lot of people.

Everyone's not going out well.

Eating and household goods on your cell phone

More orders, more couriers.

It is said that the work of the related companies is increasing.

I'm a courier here.

These days, the number of orders has increased.

It's much more than before.

I've been busy all this time to time.

As time went by, my body got tired.

I wanted to give my body and mind a break.

So what I found out was Seomyeon Couple Massage.

I'm the one who's called THE Aroma.

You have selected a location. You know, I've been spending time with you all day out.

Even for those who are hard to make, it's open 24:00 a.m.

It's easy to visit.

But in this situation,

Going where many people come and go is a little bit...

I think you have a deep thought.

The Aroma Seomyeon 마사지구인구직 Couple Massage I've been to,

I've been worrying about it since I went in.

This place is as hygienic and clean as it is.

Disinfection, quarantine, and temperature measurements.

I was doing it. If you visit, you'll get your own checklist.

I need to fill it out, but the counter has a hand sanitizer for visitors.

It was more reassuring because it was prepared.

You can put the shoes you wore in the individual shoe compartment.

I'll take a temperature check as soon as I get in.

And I have finished by carefully. Everyone.

I was working with a mask on.

While I was waiting, I looked around the room.

It's a neat, modern interior.

I felt it was luxurious.

I've got a lot of different ways of paying attention here and there.

There were signs of writing.

The course and type of the Seomyeon Couple Massage

There were many different ways to care.

Compared to other places in terms of price,

I thought it was cheap.

I thought there was a place on the west side where you could get these massages.

If I had known, I would have come. In addition

You can get 50 percent less cash.

I was surprised by the huge discount.

30,000 Thai, 60,000 Aroma.

It was the lowest price in Seomyeon.

I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'll choose the aroma course.

Okay, foot baths, foot care, whole-body aromas.

If you add 10,000 won and say that it will proceed, Thailand

It says Yamong Care is also possible.

(I'll make sure to get this part next time and upload it again.)
A lot of people use the course I choose.

Yes, sir.You can receive it in a variety of courses.

I think it's because I can.

First, I started getting foot baths.

I've never been to such a professional place before.

Focus on getting a written couple massage

I want you to pay attention to the area, the strength,

I'll write you down what you need to be careful about.

That you're going to deliver it to the masseuse.

It was very kind and thankful.

You care about the details.

I felt so satisfied. I'm the one who's stuck together.

I checked the shoulders, feet, and legs.

I'm not used to it yet, so the intensity is normal.

I sit around and look around, decorated with black and red.

I don't know if it's because it's an interior, but it's all eyes.

I thought it was luxurious again.

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