I was looking at an import clearance car trading site, and they all congratulated me because the level of foreign cars went up from domestic to foreign cars.
Hello, everyone! My only hobby is I've been driving around with my club members. It's about taking pictures of cars and remembering and celebrating them. And as a result, even though she's 26, So far, I've changed three cars. I used to ride it. I'm old enough to be my age It's a lot of […]

Hello, everyone! My only hobby is

I've been driving around with my club members.

It's about taking pictures of cars and remembering and celebrating them.

And as a result, even though she's 26,

So far, I've changed three cars.

I used to ride it. I'm old enough to be my age

It's a lot of different things for a guy.

And I always prefer domestic products.

I did, but I'm sure as you get older,

Why would people look at sites that sell cars?

I can see if it goes around after it's released.

They have different views. Some men have different views.

Car=The case is seen as ability

I didn't want to be bothered by it, but a little bit.

My pride was hurt, so I had to change it this time.

I went to see the car in person.

So it's a good idea to have a new used car like this.
He said it was the first step in making his own car.
Frankly, I'm not sure which dealer is going to be able to do this
Would you mind telling me that? Considering only the import clearance statement
I didn't take the rest into consideration, and I'd like to give you a good
It's so nice to meet you and be able to see this for sure.
I thought it was a good thing. And the dealer,
There's something you told me, and I'm sure you can trust me.
He said it was important to be checked out.
He recommended a repair shop. That's why I'
I thought it was a good thing I bought a car. Thanks to
I'll check the inside of the vehicle at the garage you told me.
I want to make sure there's nothing wrong with it, and I want to make sure that
Additional status can be increased by inspection
It was really nice to be able to see if he was there.
So my parents feel safe.
You're using your car safely. so
If anyone wants to buy a car like me,
I hope you find out here and get a consult.
I'd like to recommend it. I'm gonna buy it here.
That sounds good!

There were a lot of different kinds of things, but I...

I've been imagining things in my head.

It was Benz Ccl, GT43,438I Convertible.

They all have different designs and styles.

They were exactly the opposite.

I think I was worried a lot. What's more about me?

I don't know if it'll look good on me. I don't get tired of it.

I wonder if I can ride it, what I can I ride it?

I was wondering if I could keep my head down.

You've been thinking about your mettle, and you've made a decision.

I don't think I was able to do it. I think I was in conflict. in the vicinity as well

Isn't it time to stop thinking and decide?

I think there's been some pressure.

So, I'm going to look at the site of the imported cars.

I usually go to a store close to my house.

Call [Middle-class Brothers] where you've searched.

I've been thinking about giving you a visit.

I've been looking at everything because there's been a whole lot of sales.

After all, my choice was Benz Ccl!

There's a lot of classy, grand feel to it.

I've heard of it. I've got everything.

I'm glad you felt that way.

Besides, fun rides are fun, soft rides are fun.

I thought I could make it soft and feel it.

It's the fun part, and I've finally decided to do it.

I'll choose this kid, and I'll test drive him.

I felt like it, but it was definitely different!

There's a difference in ride quality, but what's really good about it is

I'm not saying good for nothing.

That's why we're selling imported cars.

I could understand and sympathize with buying reports.

It's the same. It's fine enough not to show any signs of burning.

In fact, it's never going to fall for anything.

It was pretty good because it was the same level.

And maybe it's because it's big, but it's really big.

I'm sure those of you who are here will enjoy the ride.

I'll take my grandmother around once in a while.

I go around with my parents.

The ride quality even for adults.

I think it's much better, so many things.

I'm the one who thinks about it.

I thought it was a good fit! after a test drive

The engine room, the tires, the two most important places.

I've been looking, and I can see that everything's fine.

There was. These two parts are human.

It can be compared with nerves and brains.

It's glossy, it's shiny.

Even though it was someone else's ride.

I was more satisfied because it felt like something new.

I'm really good at managing cars.

I tend to care. Wash your car a week

I've been there four or five times, and I'm really in the car.

He doesn't eat or smoke. sheet color

I'm afraid it's gonna go bad. He's been like that, too.

I think I felt the same way.

Because I always 팔팔카 ride domestic and overseas.

It really feels different, and it's actually the age.

He's young. People call him Kapoor.

I can take it lightly, but not at all.

Show them you can really ride with ease.

I think I wanted to show off a lot.

That's how you make the contract, release the product on the day.

And to celebrate that, I've been in my old club.

Let's have a meeting there. Right there.

I was there. Right away, to celebrate me, to drive.

That's how we get together.

I was looking at the imported heavy-duty car trading site, and I found it in Korea

The foreign car has gone up to its highest level.

They all congratulated me.

We've known each other for a long time. We all know.

So I felt good, and I got a new car.

It felt different when I shot it.

It was a little scary at first. output force

It's different. I felt a little different when I stepped on it.

The brakes work really well. the real thing

I knew it wasn't good for nothing.

You look so pretty when you're not doing anything.

I didn't know he was there, and he was riding it.

I don't do anything, and I keep it the way it is.

I've been wanting to ride it for a long time. in expectation

I think I'll ride it for more than three years.

I'm satisfied that it's not going to be a problem at all.

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