And the Waxes are carefully checking their fur so that they don’t get sick.
I've received a lot of them by myself, but it's my first time with my boyfriend.I posted it because I thought it would be a good memory!He said he'd shaved his hair, but never pulled it out.While I'm making a reservation, let's make a boyfriend.I told him I'd be wondering if he'd be.The only place […]

I've received a lot of them by myself, but it's my first time with my boyfriend.

I posted it because I thought it would be a good memory!

He said he'd shaved his hair, but never pulled it out.

While I'm making a reservation, let's make a boyfriend.

I told him I'd be wondering if he'd be.

The only place we've been to is a single room, so we can get it together.

I've been looking for one of the places I've been to.

I went with you because you were in Bupyeong!

It is one of the largest in Incheon waxing shop.

Exit 6 of Bupyeong Station and come out of the clear spring building.

You can find it and walk. We're going to drive.

Using Public Parking Lot, near to move.

It's a public parking lot, so it's cheap and close.

It was convenient to park.

You put a price tag on the elevator of the building.

Usually, you can check inside the store, so it's very expensive.

I always felt sorry that I couldn't check the parts.

I'm not sure how much it costs here.

You don't ask how much that is, so you don't feel pressured.

I felt sorry to keep asking.

It was good to pay with my boyfriend.

This is the lobby you can see as soon as you enter the entrance.

If you look at the side, there's a scene I've been to in Running Man.

It was out. Among the cast members, Lee 강남 왁싱1인샵 Kwang-soo said,

I remember receiving it, but looking at it like this,

It's amazing to hear that this is where celebrities used to come.

You know it would be better, right?

We will visit Incheon Waxing, and we will start with the visitor list.

I wrote it down. It's a must-have item everywhere these days.

You can make a list with hand sanitizer.

I was worried when I came to pick it up, but I was so meticulous.

They're checking, and they're cleaning up.

I was relieved to see you.
At the entrance, we could drink coffee or tea.

My boyfriend and I are going to buy a customer card.

I wrote it down. My arms, legs, and armpits.

I was supposed to take it, and it's my first time being a boyfriend.

Except for the armpits, we decided to get arms and legs.

I'm still afraid to challenge that.

There is a browbar across from the customer card.

It's the place where people who get their faces or hairline receive it.

I've tried Incheon waxing, but the pace is still.

I've never tried this and that before.

I looked it up and read a lot of reviews, and my face was neat and clean.

I was really shocked when I saw the comments and pictures that he was being nice to me.

The Lycon Trainer Shop. The Waxers are really good.

Okay, so speed, cleanliness, cleanliness, one.

You're good with your temperature, but without any pressure.

I had no choice but to have a lot of regulars.

Plus, it's a reservation, so you don't have to wait.

It was good to get it right away.

And the room's well-prepared as big as it is.

We got it in room 2.

There were two beds in the couple room.

I'm used to getting it on my own, so I'm going to have bed

It's awkward to have two prepared.

I guess everything seemed amazing to him.

I'm gonna need you to clean up the mess.

I went into the shower, and the shower was in the room.

It's convenient. I wash up first, and my boyfriend has arms.

I washed my legs. We both know that Brasilia,

You're not pulling out the chest hair. You're not pulling out the body shower.

You don't have to do it.
The gown was soft and clean like a new one.

It's made of silky material, so it's soft to touch.

I was in a good. My boyfriend is red.

I wore gray and rang the bell before I lay on the bed.

You don't come in as soon as you ring the bell.

He'll be back in a few minutes, so he'll just rush over the bed.

You don't have to run up there. lol

At first, I thought you were too far away.

I don't know if the Waxers are coming in on time.

You don't have to run up the fire!

My boyfriend doesn't get a Brasilian.

Both my boyfriend and I got it from Waxo.

The men you receive often have to see if they have sex or not if they have sex or not if they have sex.

I heard you don't have to argue about it.

If you don't think you're in that stage yet, I'll tell you,

I think you can take it.

I was wondering if you'd come in as a couple and tell the guy's boyfriend

I was lying right next to my girlfriend when you got it.

I know you're wondering how I'm gonna get it, but the curtain's pulled down, and it's a secret

You can get it, so don't worry.

I thought we didn't have to have a barrier.

I didn't close the curtains.

The bed is high enough to get the Incheon waxing.

Every time I went up to get it, I was choked up.

But here's a step-by-

It was easy to climb up. Side by side with your boyfriend

As I was lying down, Waxer came in and prepared for me.

Incheon Waxing Innocent, which does not reuse a spatula, is the best place to go.

Use a disposable pillow, bed sheet, sanitary gloves, etc.

We were worried about the corona, so we were relieved.

You've carefully prepared to take care of it.

And the Waxes are carefully checking their fur so that they don't get sick.

They clean up your hair and work on it.

I think I received it comfortably.
And often they're not disposable tools, or cosmetics.

Get your cosmetics refrigerator and a sterilizer separately.

They use it. Even if this doesn't seem like a big deal,

There are so many places where they don't sterilize properly.

Cosmetics are stored at room temperature.

It's harder to find a good place for these things.

Even after I got my care, I helped Aloe calm down.

Anti-aging spray to prevent bacteria from entering

Spray it, and the thoroughness from beginning to end

I really liked it.

They're scraped to make it easier to understand what he's doing.

I've never had anyone like my boyfriend.

If you don't do it right, you're gonna have to do it.

I could understand what was happening.

I've had my boyfriend once, and I'm sure he liked it.

Let's go get it again next time.

I think we need to make a reservation in advance

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