How well the car seller explains it in detail
I got my driver's license and bought my first car.Buying a new car is also a price burden.I can't trust my driving skills 100 percent yet.There are a lot of used cars are used.It's only been a month since I got my driver's license.I looked up the old used car price list, etc.I bought a […]

I got my driver's license and bought my first car.

Buying a new car is also a price burden.

I can't trust my driving skills 100 percent yet.

There are a lot of used cars are used.

It's only been a month since I got my driver's license.

I looked up the old used car price list, etc.

I bought a car that I really wanted.

I looked up the imported used car price list on the internet.

There are a lot of precautions.

If you don't really know the wrong information,

I was tricked into buying a used car.

I studied harder so that I wouldn't be fooled.

First of all, there's a place close to home.

I searched used car stores to find the market price.

In fact, at first, I was thinking about what kind of car to buy.

I haven't even made a decision. I'll see if there's a good car.

I've seen a lot of things because I wanted to make a decision.

a little way off the house

I think there's a good deal of cars.

I visited the store and checked it.

It is cheaper than the imported used car price list.

I think the conditions are good, so come visit me.

You're here to see the vehicle.

'Already Sold' was the answer to the store.

They say you're the owner of a used car.

It's been a while since I called and I thought it was already being sold.

Then he finally showed me the other cars.

It's a used car that's higher than the price we've noticed.

It turned out that it was a trick to buy fake goods.

We're going to make a car cheaper than the market price.

Put it online and dazzle people.

It's a way to have them visit and buy a different car.

Fortunately, I saw a few other cars and I just walked out.

Oh, I've seen a lot, and I don't deserve this.

I was really confident, but I ended up with a low price.

I fell for a second because I turned my eyes on purpose.

First of all, I changed my mind.

Rather than too cheap a car, some degree on the imported used car market

Used car stores that sell vehicles at a reasonable price,

And I'm going to buy it from a place that's a little known.

Search all day long and make a list.

I've been to a couple of places, and one of them is from 88카 Saganica.

My first baby, I bought a used car.

It's a place that was introduced to the scalpel.

That alone gave me a little bit of confidence.

Because in used car stores, unless you're really confident,

You don't really expose yourself to the media.

Korean Internet users are attacking the facts.

I'm going to dig into everything that I lied about.

The used car store I chose, "Saddanica,"

Conscientious Dealer of Used Car in 2015 SBS Living Economy

It was chosen and broadcasted.

Consumer choice hosted by JoongAng Ilbo in 2016

It was a place to win the grand prize for used car brands.

You and your dealers should be proud of this.

He emphasized it and appealed to me.

Admit it. The consumer picked it out himself!

I didn't know that, but I was told that I was a dealer

Not all of them are equipped.

These days, when the flow of buying and selling cars is getting faster,

I don't have enough dealers to train properly.

People are selling it among professional dealers.

That's why I want to talk about used cars first.

Find out and visit and ask questions one by one.

How detailed is the person who sells me a car?

I think it's important to check if you explain it well.

I've been on TV for months.

It was a place where there was a professional dealer who kept showing his face.

I've been through a different store the other day.

I checked thoroughly.

I also looked up reviews about buying a cheap car on the Internet.

Of course, there were complaints, but there were complaints.

There's more, so I'm comparing it to a lot of different stores.

Finally, I chose this store.

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