It was originally intended to get a job in China,
hi~This time, the credit bank systemI got a Korean teacher'sIt's the cost of getting a job at a language school!​It was originally intended to get a job in China,Because of the corona, overseas employment...I put it off for a while and instead, in Korea,I'm attending a language school at the university!​I went to school in […]


This time, the credit bank system

I got a Korean teacher's

It's the cost of getting a job at a language school!

It was originally intended to get a job in China,

Because of the corona, overseas employment...

I put it off for a while and instead, in Korea,

I'm attending a language school at the university!

I went to school in China.

When I came back to Korea, I learned Chinese.

A job that can be used is

working in a company, such as trade, translation, etc.

Most of them work.

I'm not the type of company I am I?

Then, I will teach Korean in China.

I was thinking of teaching Chinese in Korea.

How to become a Chinese teacher at a Korean university

It was so tough.

Korean teacher certificate was relatively easy!

I graduated elementary, middle and high school in China.

I'm not confident about the Korean SAT.

I decided to get a Korean teacher's license.

How to obtain a Korean teacher's certificate

That's it!

It's simple, right?

If you do it in real life, it's really.

It's a simple process.

I'm sure.

Korean teacher certificate

It's a certificate with a great view.


Korea around the world

It's become known and famous.

Wanting to learn Korean

More and more students.

Even schools and institutions in foreign countries.

The place that opens the 마사지 구인구직 Korean language class

It's increasing.

Unfortunately, now is the time I've been hoping for.

I didn't get a job overseas.

Language institutions have their own interests.

It's very energetic.

Corona, quick.

a class lost and proper

I'd like to try. Haha

Ah, and Korean teacher certificate.

It's the same as a Korean teacher's license!

That's it for now.

For reading me a long article.

Thank you!

Korean teacher certificate in the credit bank system

I knew I could get it fast!

So I didn't delay it. I looked right away.

If you're going to be in the credit banking system, you're going to have

Just because you have to be notarized,

With the help of the planner,

I even received notarization of my Chinese educational background.

And right away, Korean teacher certificate.

I prepared it.

If you have a Korean teacher certificate,

targeting foreigners at home and abroad

I teach Korean.

In Korea, foreign elementary, middle and high schools as foreign languages.

Government agencies teaching Korean, multicultural family support center,

Operation of Social Integration Program for Foreign Workers Support Center

You can get a job at an institution or something!

Korean teacher certificate

There are levels 3 to 1!

Grade 3 is a private license.

Grade 2 and 1 are national certificates.

The certificate of the third grade Korean teacher

If you study hard, you will be free.

It's a certificate you can get.

And a third-degree certificate.

When the exam is difficult and you get a job

It doesn't help much.

He did.

First-class gets second-class.

Five years of experience plus actual lecture time

More than 2,000 hours.

They say you can take the test.

So now I'm in the middle of something.

To get a job, I have a Korean teacher's license.

Grade 2 is the best way to acquire it.

I thought it was appropriate.

In fact, second-grade students are the most likely.

I heard you're going to get it.

That's why I've acquired this.

Certificate of second grade Korean teacher

It's a national certificate.

In college or credit banking,

If you take a required course,

Acquiring without testing

It's possible!

I'm not going to college.

It's a little burdensome, economically.

against one's will

quick to acquire

I decided to use the credit bank system.

You're preparing for the credit system.

Korean teacher certificate

The class will be held online.

including one course of practice.

It's a process!

2nd grade Korean teacher certificate

to acquire

High school graduates, which are my criteria,

It took about a year and a half.

The credit banking system is not just a class.

Other general certificates,

on a self-taught examination

I was able to fill in the credits.

We can shorten the period.

A certificate or self-taught person.

There's a limit. There's no way it works.

So if Planner could come up with a plan,

That's it!

I have one certificate and

I took the self-taught exam!

Reducing the time period is actually...

What else do I have to do besides class?

It can be harder because it stretches.

But if you only get credit in class,

The credits that can be acquired

It's limited. It's too limited.

Even if it takes a long time to study more,

I recommend this method!

As far as I know, I don't know if I'm a professional.

If you're a college graduate, you can do it faster.

I heard you can do it!

I don't remember the details.

I won't just write it

It would be faster to inquire!

Online class is

a lecture/task/test

There are three main categories.

The part that requires attendance is

No, there isn't!

15 weeks per semester.

I'm working on it.

Once a week for 15 weeks.

The class is uploaded.

Attendance period is 2 weeks!

I don't have a timetable.

listen to everything in one ear and out the other way.

It was possible!

I'm usually at work.

Or I'll turn it on.

Travel time or eat.

I used my spare time.

The assignment is to write a report.

Well, it's my first time doing it's my first time.

It's a little hard.

Fortunately for you,

You gave me the data, and I gave it to you.

Somehow we're gonna figure this out.

I did.

But the truth is, it's just how to do it.

It's really easy to learn.

Of course, it's because of your help.

Anyway, mid-term and final exams.

I've seen it twice.

I'm taking a test at home.

The open book was available.

So, actually, I don't think I'm going to be able to do that.

You don't have to listen to it, you don't have to listen to class.

There's no reason to do it.
And the practice is...

It only takes 75 hours.

The university is a lab.

Of course, every university.

It's not open, it's applicable.

There is a university.

It's an exercise, but...

I went to the Korean class and listened to it myself.

How it works, how it works.

What class materials do you write?

I see them, and I teach them later.

But it wasn't long.

Many students get certificates.

But a lot of office workers do it, too.

So, practice and weekends.

I heard it on the weekend because it's possible.

I'm not going out for two weekends.

Choose between Saturday or Sunday.

I know!

I'm gonna go and take the class, as much as I can.

You can go home. It's a lot of fun.

It wasn't even boring.

The lab is designed by Planner.

They'll look it up, so you don't have to worry.

You can.


Practice is what you want for the semester.

I can hear you!

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