I think everyone knows now
People who dream of doing their own business,Offline business can be started easily.Because I don't want to start an Internet business.with one'There 구글상위작업 were a lot of people.One of them is to use a smart store.He is an Internet entrepreneur.There are a lot of people.It's a portal site called Naver.There are too many people who […]

People who dream of doing their own business,

Offline business can be started easily.

Because I don't want to start an Internet business.

with one'

There 구글상위작업 were a lot of people.

One of them is to use a smart store.

He is an Internet entrepreneur.

There are a lot of people.

It's a portal site called Naver.

There are too many people who use it.

It's a feature on Naver.

Access the Internet using Naver Store.

I thought it was safe to start a business.


There are a lot of people.

There are also concerns about rent or inventory.

You don't have to do these things.

It's a job. It's also a low fee.

There are various kinds of promotional benefits.

I can understand it. Anyone can get it.

You can start a business.

Many people are trying.

But there are too many people here.

You're challenging yourself.

The competition rate is inevitable.

So I just...

If we start, we'll fail.

I just thought the probability would be higher.

I don't think we should start.

So I'm going to prepare.

I wanted to start. In fact, the Internet.

When it comes to starting a business.

The important part is marketing.

Ever since I started my Internet business,

There are many things to expect sales.

I need to let people know about my product.

It is important to do that.

Promotion is very suitable for your business.

I heard there's a way.

But many people are promoting it.

I don't know how to do it.

It's a public relations agency.

I thought it would be better to leave it up to you.

It happens every time.

But the monthly cost is very expensive.

I'll leave it to the agency.

satisfactory to do

And it's not just about making it work.

He says no.

And I've been promoting it for a day or two.

This promotion is not consistent.

We have to pay because it's something we have to do.

I can't help but consider it.

That's why you learned it yourself.

I'd like to use it for promotion.

They say it's important.

So I will help you start your Internet business.

We can do it and promote it together.

There's a place I can teach you.

I'm just trying to see if he's there.

And then I found out...

It was here.

This place is officially...

It's been a long time since I registered.

It has a history of operations.

And lifelong education in Korea

But only when he's registered as an institution.

There are two, but the marketing department...

It was either of them.

If it's a place like this, I'll make sure.

To learn how to start an Internet business.

I thought I could do it.

That's why I'm here to pay for one class.

I started to get an education.
online lectures, offline lectures, burn

Lectures like seminars and tele-education...

I could get a lifelong education. ​

From the basics of Internet start-ups.

Start with Facebook, intellectuals, and Instagram.

Promote in the same way as Gram.

I could learn how to do it

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