I’ll be disappointed if I don’t hear you
I've been home on a diet lately Maybe my posture is wrong, my knees are starting to hurt so much. So he went to the oriental medical clinic and was getting treatment. One day, I went to the Trinity Spa for treatment There will be an 8th anniversary brand day event at Jamsil It was […]

I've been home on a diet lately

Maybe my posture is wrong, my knees are starting to hurt so much.

So he went to the oriental medical clinic and was getting treatment.

One day, I went to the Trinity Spa for treatment

There will be an 8th anniversary brand day event at Jamsil

It was written on it, so I went in first

I made a reservation.

To a friend who usually goes to get treatment

I mean, Trinity Spa, Jamsil massage

It's famous and has 17 branches nationwide

It's called the best spa brand.

You said you wanted to go there too

This is the place where I introduced my friend later.

Trinity Spa Jamsil branch

It's located at Seokchon Lake Road 142, Songpa-gu, Seoul

By public transportation from exit 2 of Samjeon station

It will be there if you walk about 5 minutes!

It's a short distance 강남안마 from here

I was using my car because I wasn't feeling well.

Unlike what I saw in the building, I went inside

I went inside the hotel

It's like a massage. No better than that

Same here Luxurious and clean interior

First of all, it boosted my confidence.

The comfort I felt from my nose was different.

Safe clean zone that can be checked from the entrance!

Don't you have to take care of this in the current situation?

Trinity Spa is famous for Jamsil massage

Of course, you should check your body temperature before you enter

After care, you can use the management room and tools

I heard it will be disinfected. And one bed sheet per person

I used disposable cotton after using it

I was able to receive it with more confidence.

All the staff at the desk

He's wearing a mask

It feels like it's a luxury spa brand

Everything was neat.

I saw you at the desk to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Brand Day

It's like I've saved all the benefits

I felt like I was all there.

A total of eight events are being held

Those of you who wanted to get a top-notch spa

It would be nice if you could take this chance.

Jamsil Massage Trinity Spa

This is my first visit Bonnie proceeded with the consultation.

I've been checking my physical condition lately

I checked my skin and my body.

Listen to me carefully

Give me one day signature event 1+1

He recommended it One of them is magic slim abdomen

I chose and received it.

I'm on a diet My stomach isn't getting fat

I had a lot of worries. That's good to hear!

I wanted to.

Jamsil Massage Trinity Spa

This program is based on the right aroma oil

It was also special that I was doing it.

It's a special blend of blending oil in the nervous system

It helps us find stability and balance

Increased immunity and hormone balance

It is a program that helps.

Also, body slimming also uses high frequency and endology

Cellulite and slimming as I did it at once

You manage the perming at the same time

It is a program that makes you slim.

Jamsil massage program

I'm so excited just by the explanation

I wanted to get treatment as soon as possible.

So I was guided to the management room.

It's really not a top-notch spa brand

I wanted to Do you see the private management room?

It's a place that only I can enjoy

I thought it was a luxury.

I really think it's money you're spending for me

I could hear it.

I thought it was a hotel as soon as I entered

Look at this bed I got up!

First of all, this bed is different from a normal bed. Totally!

It's European latex beds

It's a four-stage adjustable motion bed!

So I adjusted it according to my body.

It's my first time experiencing a motion bed, so my eyes will grow bigger

I wasn't there. I feel so comfortable

I even felt like I was floating.

In addition, you prepared it through the bedding renewal

Luxurious and cozy blankets

There's no heaven when it's hot.

This bedding is also used in a five-star hotel!

These beddings are made of the finest Hungarian goose.

Everything is at the top of the class Bonny

It really made it go up to its own value.

I was happy to earn money from this taste.

I get Jamsil massage in a place that's too soft

I felt so good.

I started with foot care. I started with the back.

The pelvis is twisted I see pain in the knee

Your lower body is swelling up, so your lower body is under pressure

I put a lot of them in, so I asked them to cool it down

Let's do what I really want

I did.

I'm taking care of my back

I have a bad back

I asked for a favor and they let it go really cool.

And then proceed to the lower part of the body

I got an abdominal care.

I was on a diet I can see that you have this stomach

It was really good.

Later, at Jamsil Massage

Should I get treatment only for slimming

I'm so satisfied that I want to.

I get it imagining that the belly fat will be destroyed

I felt like I was on a diet!

And then you do simple arm care and stretching

I finished it.

I've received it once, but it's been piling up

I felt like I was getting rid of my fatigue.

I got it once, but my lower body swells up

I thought it was really effective.

Most of all, I want an aroma product that fits my body

I've been taking care of my body and mind

Not only will I relax, but I'll also be in good shape

I will recover soon.

And the powder room, which is the essential course for women

I'll be disappointed if I don't hear you

The brush is wrapped individually in a private space

I could use it hygienically.

Aroma, handwriting, and abdominal slimming

With the addition, it was really perfect management.

What surprised me after I finished

I was surprised by the individually wrapped brushes like hotels.

This is usually how Jamsil massage works

I've never felt a great sense of detail

Like the best spa brand

That's why Trinity Spa Jamsil branch

I thought it was carefully made.

From now on, I will continue to receive it and feel better

I'm trying to recover!

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