There are many friends I know!
It's been a long time since I gave birth to a baby~ I'm having very happy days these days~ You're still sleeping next to me When I look at the cute twins I'm so happy and full even if I don't eat If I told you to give birth again, it would be too hard~ […]

It's been a long time since I gave birth to a baby~

I'm having very happy days these days~

You're still sleeping next to me

When I look at the cute twins

I'm so happy and full even if I don't eat

If I told you to give birth again, it would be too hard~

They're twins I see

I think she suffered twice as much as she did when she gave birth to her first child,,

I never thought it would be this hard to have a baby.

I realized it again

In addition, the kids are premature, a little faster

I came to see you

At first I was in the hospital for a while

After that, I came home with my husband~

I'm sure she took care of the postpartum care center when she gave birth to her first child

I wasn't very satisfied

I decided to go home for a postpartum massage instead of a postpartum care center

I got to know about Nowon postpartum massage.

I thought it would be even harder to take care of the kids because they are twins when they come~

Before that, I decided to get better

After a lot of discussion with my husband

I chose Rennejay after the Nowon massage.

Compared to what I got from the postpartum care center

It worked really well. It's much cheaper,

I keep getting the feeling of satisfaction and healing the whole time I get

I want to share this with my neighbors

I came to see you in the review of Lennejay!

She already has her first child,

Even the twins came to see me

To be honest, I was the first to pay attention to the cost

That's why they're cheap and offer good postpartum care

I found it by comparing several places.

Get recommendations from mom cafés and acquaintances

I got to know Rennejay after the Nowon mountain massage.

There are many reviews about postpartum massage on blogs and cafes,

I heard there are several branches across the country

It was more reliable~

Comfortable at home for free travel expenses

I can get postpartum massage

I'm so excited that it's 100% handwritten

Oh, this is it! And we proceeded right away.

I called the number connected to the homepage.

Thank you for your kind response!

Lannejay is not just postpartum massage

There is a prenatal massage.

I'm twins It looked like she was having a hard time even during pregnancy

I wish I had a prenatal massage program

I also felt sorry that I wish I had been better

That's how I got the postpartum massage!

On the day I made the reservation, the manager

Bring all the massage supplies including a portable bed

He visited my house.

All I need to prepare is 3 towels to wipe my body after the care!

It was really simple and good.

First of all, I'll take care of him at my place

I loved the fact that I could wash myself clean!

Also, I heard that Rennejay is a safe company for Covid-19

As soon as you come in, take off the mask you wore outside

They replaced it with a new mask~

And then they immediately disinfected the alcohol

You disinfected all the items thoroughly and cleanly.

The whole 120 minutes of the massage must've been very frustrating

You always wore the KF94 mask and proceeded with the care.

I think I'll have a hard time for two hours

He said it's okay when I told him he can just take it off.

It's about hygiene and disinfection

It was nice of you to take good care of me

I thought the manager was really great.

Do you know what I was worried about because of Corona

I felt relieved about the clean management~

Thanks to you, I was able to take care of it with a comfortable mind!

If you put a portable bed in the house

There is really no massage shop.

My house was the magic of turning into a shop!

In my case, I wanted to breast-feed twins after giving birth

Maybe it's because I've been working hard

My shoulders and neck were particularly bad

I strained my muscles

I was so sick that all my nerves were in my throat all day!

What's interesting is that you first saw my stiff neck muscles

He asked me if I do a lot of breast-feeding~

I was very surprised and amazed

The manager said he has a child too

You said that your first child gave birth to twins just like me.

I've heard a lot about your daughter along with your twin parenting tips

Two hours with an experienced manager

We had a good chat time talking about various things.

If you're a quiet manager, two hours

It must've been very awkward

The manager who took care of me seemed very sociable!

I'm so satisfied!

Besides, I don't usually have a good posture

My waist and pelvis were very bad.

When I was in care, I felt something was right

It was so cool and great at the same time as the pain!

Other tips for childcare

He also told me some simple stretching postures I can do at home,

You were encouraged by the support for twin care.

After the treatment, he compared my body condition through a photo before and after

Even though I received it for the first time, I could see the effect

It was amazing!

That's why people get postpartum massages

I realized it again.

I didn't feel so well,,

I should try to have good posture as usual,,

I also reflected on myself,!

I ran a two-hour program for Lennejay.

The two-hour program included both abdominal and chest care.

The amount of reserves before management

The amount of breast massage on the first day

I was surprised again because there was so much difference!

I'm pregnant with twins. I'm fat

I had a lot of stress

It's effective in removing edema and postpartum diet

Isn't this killing two birds with one stone *! I want to do it steadily!

I've only received a total of five

I was so satisfied with the effect~

You can take care of the twins to a certain extent

I'm going to pester my husband to take more

When I gave birth to my first child

I wish I knew about Lennejay,,

I felt a lot of regret!

I heard my 출장마사지 husband smiled after the massage

We're happy together

I think there is a reason why there are so many reviews!

I'm also recommending storms to my pregnant friends!

And I'm going to tell you something about Lennes J

There are many friends I know!

If you're thinking about postpartum care

The concern is now non~

Try the Lennejay postpartum massage!

You'll get a double degree of satisfaction

This was the review of Nowon postpartum massage! ♥

Ah, I will leave the information below!

It was hard to set up a schedule even when I received it

If you're looking into it, make a reservation quickly

He won't regret it

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