Yo Mastodon!

I run a very small bootstrapped software company (founded in 2010) and am currently working on an open-source alternative to Google Analytics:

Follow me to talk about or stuff.

Let's toot!


That looks very cool. If you don't mind me asking, what sets #fathom apart from #Matomo, formerly #Piwik. (You must get that question all the time, sorry!)

@codesections We think Matomo is great but we also think we can do a much simpler job. More opinionated, if you will.

Plus for privacy we only track aggregates, nothing visitor specific is stored at any point.


That's great!

It remembers me, but with a much more nicer ui.

@danyspin97 GoAccess is awesome - I use it myself extensively and love it!

I dream of a world where less tech-savvy web users could have access to it, but so long as they see command-line interaction as "the matrix" I doubt that'll ever happen. 😜

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