Some Hacker News comments on this blog post explaining what benefits Mastodon has over Twitter are baffling.

It’s as if success for Mastodon means mainstream adoption, being larger than Twitter or getting Kim Kardashian on board.

As if a bunch of users enjoying it to toot with each other isn’t enough?

Mastodon is successfully doing that for me right now in my book...

@dvk What I just realized as well, is that people thought the same about Twitter, now roughly 10 years ago. It was 'never going to be big', it was 'just for nerds'. Now, having an active Twitter account is a must have for any serious business (according to online marketeers) and everyone and their dog has an account. You have a valid point that for Mastodon to be successful, it doesn't need mainstream adoption, but the similarities with how Twitter was first received are definitely there.

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