The idea of running a Mastodon soft-fork instance is intriguing.

For example, hiding follower and following count on every profile on might be a good thing?

What are those numbers good for, any cons I’m not thinking of?

@dvk I think it would be even better if people can enable/disable the showing of those numbers. So they can determine the importance for themselves 😉

@dvk I think it’s useful to know how many people someone else follows. I’ll sometimes look through this list to discover other people, and it’s good to know how long that list will be. How about disable these numbers for ME, but not for others? 😉

@akmur Hmm yeah, and then hide for the user their own profile only?

@dvk Why not, could be an idea. I talk about a setting because people might want to actually see who follows them. However, it could also be an opinionated instance, that people who feel strongly against the follow count might want to be a part of. So, good idea anyway

I really like that idea actually. would such a feature carry over in federation however?

@dvk it’s just interesting sometimes to scroll the followers of a profile for the matter of resourcing reason.

@dvk Quickly seeing if this is the real profile of the Famous Danny with many followers or the fake profile of the scammer with just a few followers asking to take part in crypto contests.

Also, influences are proud to show their stats and make money based on them.

@lap Hmm yeah, using it as some kind of verification sounds like a legit use case. Especially since usernames are only unique on a per-instance basis.

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