I find myself so much more productive all-around when I skip all communication tools in the morning and start moving the needle on planned work instead.

Too bad it's something I have to actively force myself to do though.

@dvk I wish I could pull this off. My morning routine involves way too much content consumption.

My first reflex when I get wake up is to reach for my phone for that sweet sweet dopamine hit. Not good.

@dvk Agreed! Jumping into code or a list of tasks with fresh morning brain is the best.

I also work first for about an hr before I do anything else in the morning.

With Bee I made the deal we first talk to each other when we wake up before we grab the phones.

@lap Hah, yep, guilty unless I actively work on not doing this.

@dvk same here. No email, no Twitter, no news, no podcasts in the car. That makes me so productive in the morning. But so hard to do when that is your habit.

@dvk I am reading a book from Sidney Lumet, famous film director, and when making a film he only did the crossword puzzles from the paper in the morning. Nothing else but getting ready for work. Love that.

@casper Absolutely! Sounds like an interesting read. Is that Making Movies?

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