Started doing on my toilet breaks and getting decent at it, but somehow can’t transfer that knowledge to my chess games just yet.

Just finishing up bookkeeping stuff for Fathom PRO this week, some additional monitoring & back-ups and then we’re ready for (soft) launch!

@dvk that will happen the longer you do the puzzles. It really improved my game. I use chesstempo, lichess and for puzzles. Like lichess the best but chesstempo is great about labeling tactics and discussion.

@Snommel_ I’m on Lichess & right now but have yet to check out chesstempo, thanks for the tip!

@dvk The puzzles help me improve, but it's not always immediate. Sometimes I grind at puzzles for a week or more before I see the results in my games. Of course there is more to improving than just doing tactics. Learning openings and strategic ideas is always helpful too. I am only 1300 right now, but trying to improve as well.

@dvk What rating are you? My friend, @theblackatlantic on Twitter is trying to get 2000 ELO before he turns 40. Taking his chess studies really seriously and tweeting a lot about it. Might be worthwhile to follow him.

@stefthoen Sweet, would love to follow his journey.

I really only got back into the game last week and discovered how I played when I was younger is barely called chess, so my rating is super low. Playing every day now so give me a few months to settle on my actual rating. 🙂

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