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I just opened up the donate page for #walktowceu.

You can choose to donate for DonateWC, or sponsor me personally to buy some bratwurst along the way.

Share this with all your friends, colleagues, clients, family members, pets.

Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media.

If this trend is true, there is hope!

Go 2 draft designs.

Since I spend the majority of my coding time in Go nowadays, I look forward to changes along these lines. Particularly the error handling stuff using check / handle, that’d be so useful!

Just finishing up bookkeeping stuff for Fathom PRO this week, some additional monitoring & back-ups and then we’re ready for (soft) launch!

Started doing on my toilet breaks and getting decent at it, but somehow can’t transfer that knowledge to my chess games just yet.

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New here? Remember that Twitter is optimized to make you into passive consumers, by en(r/g)aging you with content that you don't choose yourself.

Here, that doesn't happen. But it also means you're responsible to find people to follow.

It will take some work.

If you're willing to put that in, you'll find a wide variety of friendly people that will be happy to have meaningful conversions and laugh and cry together with you.

Start by searching and looking at who other people follow.

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Number of accounts is the wrong success metric for the fediverse; number of instances is the correct one.

Absolute failure state of the fediverse is 7 billion accounts and one instance.

Anyone here into and on I'm down for slow paced games!

I find myself so much more productive all-around when I skip all communication tools in the morning and start moving the needle on planned work instead.

Too bad it's something I have to actively force myself to do though.

Just discovered you can't delete your Mastodon account yet because it's just not that simple:

Knowing this, perhaps auto-deleting toots after some time isn't such a bad idea?

@kensanata was it you, using some kind of tool for that already?

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You can now challenge someone to game of #chess over toots! 💪

It's actually a standalone server in the #fediverse, implementing #activitypub all by itself. 😃

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do you ever look at someone's list of demands for social media and realize that what they actually want is a self-hosted wordpress site with comments enabled


Today will constist of some Fathom PRO development, some copywriting and hopefully some fishing as the weather is perfect for it.

What are you working on?

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Yes! Launched my side project:

Listing all the camera gear big YouTubers use.

Have to build a lot of profiles now, but at least it is launched now.

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There is no website in the world which needs ONE THOUSAND cookies!
How did we get into this mess?

The results of my refurbished Thinkpad X230 experiment are in.

Old Thinkpad laptop + + = very smooth desktop experience for web development!

Too bad the trackpad isn't as good as on my MBP. Or perhaps it just needs some getting used to?

The idea of running a Mastodon soft-fork instance is intriguing.

For example, hiding follower and following count on every profile on might be a good thing?

What are those numbers good for, any cons I’m not thinking of?

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